Top Class – Gran Gusto

Full-bodied blend of pleasant tasting chocolate, consisting of a selection of the most sweet and round Asian coffees. Their mild comes from the high areas of the Central America and Brazil. Origins: Arabica and Robusta, smooth and large grains.

Available 1kg grain.



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  1. Tierra

    Sustainable coffee certified by the Rainforest Alliance, is based on the certainty that better living conditions for farmers and a …

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  2. Pienaroma

    Refined blend of 100% Arabica coffees, particularly scented with fruity and floral aroma. Sources: 100% Arabica coffees, predominantly “natural” type. …

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  3. Grand’ Espresso

    The “great coffee”, with a persistent and intense flavor, is heavily bodied. Liqueur and chocolate milk (dark roast). Origins: predominantly …

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  4. Lavazza Dek – Decaffeinated

    Blend of coffees sweet taste and intense aroma, persistent cream. Origins: Brazilian and Asian coffees, natural decaffeinated. Available 500g grain, …

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  5. Lavazza in Blu

    Especially milled for home consumption, velvety and full-bodied with intense aroma. Origins: 100% Arabica (Brazil and Central America). Available in …

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