Blend of highly aromatic coffee and with the best balance in terms of body, acidity and aroma. Featuring a soft acidity that leaves a pleasant taste on the palate, with mild chocolate nuances. It is perfect for moments of pause or to complement a meal. This blend is suitable for the majority of outlets with a picture positioning.

Available in 1kg grain and ground coffee 250g




  1. Prestige

    Blend of natural coffee with rich aroma and body and soft acidity which results in a light and aromatic coffee …

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  2. Special

    Blend of aromatic coffee and with enough body, ideal for awakening the physical, intellectual and emotional energy or for consumers …

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  3. Coffee Break

    Blend that fits business and professional life of all coffee consumers, being linked to consumption situations and pause between meetings …

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  4. Decaffeinated

    Blend of coffee that keeps the profile quality of the product from the Bogani brand, but to which caffeine has …

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