Blend of natural coffee with rich aroma and body and soft acidity which results in a light and aromatic coffee to enjoy at all times of leisure coffee, leaving a unique taste in mouth after drinking.

Given its characteristics, this blend is suitable for quality retail outlets, including restaurants and spaces frequented by discerning consumers/enthusiasts with more international profile, so, those who prefer a coffee with a weight of Arabic substances in its composition, as the image of this international trend with respect to the coffee profile.

Available in 1kg grain.




  1. Selection

    Blend of highly aromatic coffee and with the best balance in terms of body, acidity and aroma. Featuring a soft …

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  2. Special

    Blend of aromatic coffee and with enough body, ideal for awakening the physical, intellectual and emotional energy or for consumers …

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  3. Coffee Break

    Blend that fits business and professional life of all coffee consumers, being linked to consumption situations and pause between meetings …

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  4. Decaffeinated

    Blend of coffee that keeps the profile quality of the product from the Bogani brand, but to which caffeine has …

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