Portucale Hotel

Result of a long research and experimental trials with multiple blends in renown restaurants and hotels. This superior coffee is characterized by its balance and flavor.

Available in 1kg grain and box with 18 pods.




  1. Real Hotel

    With a strong presence of Arabic substances, it results in a coffee with a delicate flavor, suitable to the taste …

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  2. Requinte Hotel

    Combining coffees from various regions of the globe, we can get a smooth and creamy drink, adapted to the new …

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  3. Chávena Hotel

    The first blend of Sanzala that reflects the influence of the past African colonies, essentially suppliers of Robusta substances. It …

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  4. Decaffeinated

    Obtained through a natural extraction process of caffeine, decaffeinated is a velvety, creamy and consistent drink, maintaining the characteristics of …

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