Chávena Hotel

The first blend of Sanzala that reflects the influence of the past African colonies, essentially suppliers of Robusta substances. It is a strong, full bodied and creamy coffee.

Available in 1kg grain and box with 50 individual tablets




  1. Real Hotel

    With a strong presence of Arabic substances, it results in a coffee with a delicate flavor, suitable to the taste …

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  2. Portucale Hotel

    Result of a long research and experimental trials with multiple blends in renown restaurants and hotels. This superior coffee is …

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  3. Requinte Hotel

    Combining coffees from various regions of the globe, we can get a smooth and creamy drink, adapted to the new …

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  4. Decaffeinated

    Obtained through a natural extraction process of caffeine, decaffeinated is a velvety, creamy and consistent drink, maintaining the characteristics of …

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