Sanzala cafés

Born in the heart of Oporto, Sanzala is a brand with history. Traditional and sober, always giving high importance to quality. The brand was born in 1963 at a shop in the historic Oporto area and became a reference. The store in which we can still find numerous and different items related to coffee consumption, was for many years the only distribution channel of the company, only later opening the business to the Horeca channel.

Modernization cycle

In the ‘80s, after being taken over by a family, Sanzala restructures itself in order to adapt to more aggressive marketing strategies of the new players of this decade. Assuming a different strategy to the Horeca channel, launching new products and investing in POS (specialized stores where the products of the brand can be sold), Sanzala arks this cycle of modernization which leads the brand to search for new customers and markets.

Ongoing adaptation

In 2000 the store is completely remodeled, becoming a refined and sober space, but at the same time cozy. Production and industrial roasting then pass to the new facility in Vila Nova de Gaia. In 2003, celebrating 40 years of existence, Sanzala renews its image with the aim of positioning itself as a brand of tradition, but renovated in a contemporary style, targeting new market segments.

Tradition with a future

Sanzala is the first brand to be acquired by NewCoffee, Co. Group in 2007. Although it takes part in a group of global dimensions, retains its individuality with its history.

Porto Flagship store

In the Oporto store you can find a space exclusively dedicated to serving the public, with roasted and grounded coffee daily so you can enjoy all the flavor and freshness of your favorite blend. Apart from coffees of various origins and Gourmet blends, as Captain Cook from Hawaii or the exclusive Blue Mountain from Jamaica, you will find teas, chicory, barley, chocolate, and equipment to serve an unparalleled coffee or to surprise somebody with a very special gift.