Lavazza brand was born in 1895, when Luigi Lavazza created a small grocery store at San Tommaso in the heart of Turin, but only in 1897 starts roasting coffee. In 1910 it is stated as an essentially dedicated to this sector, specializing in the roasting beans from different origins and qualities, since then is the largest Italian company importing and roasting coffee. Creator of the concept ‘Blend’ – the art of mixing coffees of different regions to obtain a harmonious and full flavor product – Luigi Lavazza transformed his product into an experience of senses. Lavazza breathes sophistication, good taste and boldness.

Global brand

In 1982 the company is restructured, with the aim of international expansion. Thus was born the Lavazza France, the first branch office outside Italy, followed by other countries such as Germany, USA, Austria, Britain, and Spain. The arrival in Portugal happened in 2001, through the acquisition of the brands Piazza, Indy, and the conversion of most of these brands costumers into Lavazza brand.

Still belonging to the family, the Lavazza brand is now one of the leading players in the worldwide market through subsidiaries and authorized distributors, with approximately 3,500 employees spread across 90 countries on five continents.

Centennial experience

With over 100 years of experience devoted to coffee, Lavazza has become expert in the selection of the best coffees and now has a product range of the highest quality to satisfy the most demanding customers. Paying particular attention to vocational training, Lavazza created with great success the Training Centers, in which we can find specialized training programs on coffee and equipment for professional hoteliers.

The path of sophistication

In November 2008, the NewCoffee, Co. Group acquires customer’s portfolio of Horeca channel, continuing to commercialize and to promote the Lavazza brand, the company that brings the culture of Italian espresso throughout the world!

Lavazza is directed to a premium segment, which is inserted in a territory of sophistication and good taste, with close links to areas such as fashion, art and design, and strong urban character.

Cosmopolitan brand is synonymous with outstanding quality, as exemplified by the range “I Piacieri del Caffè” with the best coffee specialties and amazing recipes developed in cooperation with the well-known Catalan chef Ferran Adrià.