The brand was established in the year 1994 in Cabeceiras de Basto, by four business men. The purpose of Caffècel is to provide a brand with blends of high quality and personalized service to its clients. So, Caffècel quickly reached the expansion in the northern part of Portugal.

Constant innovation

In 1997 changes its facilities to Paredes (30 km from the Oporto City), closer to the urban centers, with high levels of coffee consumption, and installs a fully automated plant. Caffècel now uses the system PROBAT (world leader in roasting equipment) to produce roasted coffee, ensuring high quality and needed accuracy to offer consistent blends over time. In the past, Caffècel facilities were the only of its kind in Portugal, the production system allows the electronic control of the whole process since the selection of the various batches, the product formulation, definition of the roasting cycle including two phases of cleaning product (raw and roasted), before packing with vacuum valve included.

Certified quality

The concern of improving constantly products and processes with all business partners leads the company to start the process of certification in several areas. In 2000 obtained the certification of quality management system, HACCP, environmental certification and product certification.

Growth and modernity

In 2005, the brand changes its image and in 2008 is acquired by NewCoffee group, integrating a portfolio of brands and wider products with presence in various market segments.

The distinctive quality of their blends and the way it approaches the market, makes Caffècel a truthful and reliable partner to the consumer, but also an important ally of the ” Horeca professional”.