Bogani Desperta

Bogani is a coffee brand launched in 2002. Exigent, dynamic and directed to an audience with an active lifestyle that follows the latest trends. It intends to show itself as a philosophy of life, an attitude, a humanist vision of consumers.

The brand focuses on the relationship with their consumers, taking in account moments of conviviality, sharing, relaxation and well-being.

Bogani is irreverent and audacious communicating a positive attitude to the world.

Bogani is a coffee of excellent quality ensured by the selection and combination of the best origins and transformed into a set of 5 blends which are distinguished by taste, flavor and creaminess that meet the various patterns of the consumers’ preferences.

The various blends were developed in order to obtain a range that goes from a more acid and aromatic coffee to a stronger and velvety coffee. This diversity can be obtained only after a careful selection of batches that come from various origins and from roasting processes.  Regarding to the product, the production process is essential to obtain a high quality coffee from selective harvesting practices to the packaging and storage.

Bogani is available in the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee shops) channel, being possible for our consumers appreciate this excellent coffee in this places or acquiring the 250gr packing, only available in selected places, and trying it at home.

Subcription / Values

“Awaking Minds” – Transmits clearly the brand values, ​​besides surprising and challenging the consumer to the world around.

The signature was built to describe the concept of the brand, which has intangible characteristics, unusual in most coffee brands operating in the Portuguese market – just communicate the inherent consumer values ​​the product itself, the coffee.

Through his signature, the brand announced that for Bogani having an espresso coffee is a different experience. Means awakening to life and the world, be open-minded, critical sense. All this in a context/environment of modernity, innovation, energy, dynamism, urban spirit, simplicity/ elegance, youth and irreverence.

Modern Image

The logo has the shape of a coffee bean. It ensures the connection of the brand to the world of coffee, but goes beyond, conveying modernity, dynamism and elegance..

The brand name, according to market research, proves to be very unique, impactful and enjoyable through its sonority of Italian origins.

Color Strength

The brand color, orange, is an innovative, distinctive and very attractive color in the universe of coffees where warm colors with red and brown tones prevail.

The color orange establishes a contrast with black, giving the logo strength and impact.