The NewCoffee Co. is aware of the impact that their activity causes in the community and the environment, as well as the importance of betting in a sustainable development that ensures the ongoing competitiveness without compromising its future evolution. Therefore, the NewCoffee Co. supports the performance on the following principles:

Promote confidence and meeting the needs of our customers, consumers and other stakeholders.

Ensure the quality and safety of our products and the application of best practices, food and environmental management, according with the requisites agreed with the customer.

Establish partnerships of mutual benefit with our suppliers, taking into consideration their competence to provide us products according to the requisites of our company.

Continuous improvement of the environmental performance of the company, reducing the use of natural resources, recycling and reusing waste from packaging materials.

Based on these principles, we assume total commitment for implementing the requirements of the customer as well as statutory and regulatory requirements and for the prevention of pollution, focused on continuous improvement of the effectiveness of its Integrated Management System.

Thus, in accordance with the fulfillment of these principles, we have implemented Management Systems for Quality, Environmental and Safety.



Certification Scope


  • Design, Development and Lands Roasting Espresso.

    Certified Activity Headquarters.

    NP EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System;

    NP EN ISSO 14001 – Environmental Management System;

    Codex Alimentarius – HACCP

    PT/FDVEPR 014/04/011106 – Technical specification SGS – Certified Products: Ilha do Fogo kg Grain, Plus kg Grain, Turquesa kg Grain, Esmeralda kg Grain, Tuscani kg Grain, Must Pastille unidosis Ground coffee and decaffeinated coffee products: 250g Grain and Pastille unidosis Ground.

  • Roasting Coffee Shops, Cafes Packaging.

    Activity Certified Factory and Administrative Facility in Walls

    NP EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System

    PT/FD – VEPR – 014/11/03692 – Technical Specification SGS

    Certified Products: Prestige kg grain, Selection kg grain, Special kg grain, Coffee Break kg grain

  • Design and Development, Production and Marketing of Lands Coffee, their substitutes, their mixtures and Associated Products to your activity.

    Certified Activity Headquarters and Porto Store

    NP EN ISO 9001 – Quality Management System;

    Codex Alimentarius – HACCP