Cápsulas Bogani Nespresso

Bogani presents environmentally friendly coffee capsules

Monday, 08/07/2019

The “ecofriendly” solution is biodegradable and 100 percent compostable, and arrives on the Portuguese market with five varieties of coffee.

Bogani has just launched a new range of environmentally friendly coffee capsules. Certified by TÜV Austria – an independent regulatory organisation that checks the compostability of products – with the “OK compost INDUSTRIAL” seal, this solution is biodegradable and 100 percent compostable under optimum conditions of temperature and humidity, guaranteed in so-called composting in industrial environments. The capsules are made from a range of biodegradable polymers and hermetically sealed with a paper film. In addition to protecting the environment by producing less waste, composting also provides a high-value product – the organic compound – that can be used as a natural fertiliser.


Nespresso capsules


Bogani’s new ecofriendly capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines and are on the market with five varieties: Prestige, Balance, Power, Dek and also the Bio version that results from organic production, without using food additives, pesticides or fertilizers, underlining the commitment and sustainable and ecological positioning of the brand. These capsules have a shelf life of 18 months, always guaranteeing the unique flavour and aroma of espresso coffee characteristic of Bogani blends and can be purchased in super and hypermarkets, as well as online at boganidesperta.pt and dott.pt.
According to Pedro Rosas Oliveira, CEO of NewCoffee, which owns the Bogani brand, “this launch is the result of a project that took two years to develop and is part of NewCoffee’s strategic plan. A milestone that is being lived with enthusiasm for the importance it has in the affirmation of the Bogani brand, as one of the main Portuguese coffee brands. Bogani blends are now closer to the consumer, who can enjoy them in all their moments of consumption, outside or inside the home”.


Dolce Gusto Capsules


Cápsulas Bogani amigas do ambiente


This launch coincides with the presentation of Bogani coffee capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto. In this category, in addition to the five varieties it also presents for the Nespresso compatible range, the brand also offers Bogani Choc and Bogani Cappuccino capsules. In all of them, according to Gustavo Mendes, NewCoffee’s marketing director, “the brand guarantees the best aroma, an adequate grinding and a perfect roasting, key vectors for the success of the product. Thus, we have a range of lots that always guarantee the right flavor for each palate, so that the act of drinking coffee is always unique and full of pleasure”.
NewCoffee has been gaining market share in the coffee market through a strategy of acquiring small and medium-sized companies – Sanzala in 2007, Caffècel and the Lavazza brand exploitation rights for the HoReCa channel in 2008, the integration of Bogani and Caféeira in 2009 and the acquisition of Novo Dia in 2016, which has further strengthened its market position. Over the last 10 years, the group has become one of the most important players in the coffee sector in Portugal, implementing the management and synergies that have allowed it to evolve to an annual turnover of 22 million euros and a share of about 10% of the HoReCa market.