Growing and Harvesting

The Coffee is always a bright green shrub, with flowers, similar to jasmine for its color and fragrance. You can have up to 2 blooms per year, after the rainy seasons. The Berries, which are called cherries due to its red color when ripe, emerge 7-8 months after flowering. Each plant can remain productive for 15 years, providing about 400 to 2200grams of green coffee annually.

Harvesting can be done by picking manually only by harvesting the ripe berries and leaving green berries to mature until further passage through the plant, or by stripping, when removing all the cherries with a single branch passage manual or machinery. In this case, we have a faster harvesting, commonly used in extensive fields, but which requires a further separation of clear green cherries. The harvest by picking results in a more homogeneous work but obviously more costly.